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This website carries hyperlocal cultural news & stories based around the place known as Collins View.

What is it?

We will draw our content from adjacent neighborhoods, parks and natural areas, cemeteries, the river, institutions, businesses, and more. The NCV Blog is independent of any neighborhood association (NA), including Collins View NA. Opinions may be expressed on each post, in the 'Editor's Note' section. Articles typically contain questions and references for our readers.

This is just a beginning. We invite writers and researchers to help. We have guidelines for interested volunteers. To contact us, see the footer.

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Fun walks for visitors and locals. SW Trails mostly on streets and stairways! Paved paths in Tryon Creek State Natural Area. Walking to Hillsdale, John's Landing, Sellwood, etc.

Greenwood Hills Cemetery Tree Walk Map

2022 post: Greenwood Hills Cemetery Tree Walk [LINK]

2023 post: Walking Guide to Southwest Portland Cemeteries [LINK]

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Concerts, Lecture series, Plays, Trivia Night?!

Poetry Post on SW Brier in Collins View

New post: The Southwest Portland Community Band [LINK]

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Old Collins View History

Did you know that an electric trolley ran from Portland to Collins View / Cemeteries from 1891 to 1899, powered by wood-fired generators in Fulton Park? Did you know Boones Ferry Road is one of the oldest in the area? Do you know how Collins View got its name? We explore these and other histories in this part of the blog.

Idealized image of the Water Master's House

Remembering the Water Master's House, a remembrance by Cindy Cummings. [LINK]

An electric trolley came to Old Collins View for 10 years in 1890's! [TROLLEY]

Bridges over Stephens Creek LINK

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New Collins View Stories

We define this category as Stories of the Current or Recent Times in Collins View.

Curious Boulder on 2nd Avenue.

Our current story is about a Curiosity on 2nd Avenue. [ROCK]

The story of the blown down eagle nest tree has found a permanent home in our 'Stories" section: [EAGLE]

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This category features Art found in or near Collins View, indoor or out.

Cover of a note card celebrating the Fish Fence at Capitol Hill Grade School

New post: The Vigil of St. Mark [LINK]

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The Nature category has entries about flora, fauna, the westside wildlife corridor, and experiencing nature.

Poster for popular Crow Talk

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The Science category has entries such as the geology of Collins View and nearby areas (Missoula Flood, Cascadia Subduction Zone), how climate change will affect us, and so on.

Cropped portion of old Topo Map showing Palatine Hill

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We will feature businesses "Down at The Corner", and nearby.

Daily Specials at Tryon Creek Grill

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Interesting Graves and Grave Sites found in Nearby Cemeteries

John R Carson Grave Stone

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This category will eventually have a number of blog entries about fun short hops you can take via Trimet.

Did you know that L&C College operates the Pioneer Express for students?

Here is our first transit article.. TriMet's Forward Together: Do you care? [LINK]

Please also refer to [Using Public Transit to/from Collins View] on the Collins View Hub for basic transit information. (Some of the sections of that Using Transit page will soon Hop over here to form fun Blog entries. You'll see!)

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Traffic issues and solutions

Tough Curb installation prevents turning left onto SW Carson from Terwilliger

Recent articles:

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Grab Bag

Civic 'Infrastructure', Future ideas, whatever does not fit on our other categories.

2022 Corbett Block Party

Recent articles:

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Categories to be added — Real Soon...

We have additional categories in preparation. These two remaining categories will be added to as time permits.


Hike a dirt trail in a Natural Area! Some in co-operation with SW Trails?


How and where to safely ride to various destinations. Of course, experienced resident bikers don't need to be instructed! But reluctant riders may appreciate some advice. Please also consider that this information may be useful for short-term visitors to our community.

More work lined up!

Here is an list of topics to be covered in the future.. We have material for many topics - you can see on our: [Working List]. Also see this outline of things we'd like to have in The Collins View History Project.

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