Remembering the Water Master's House

Contributed by Cindy Cummings — "A resident here since 1957 when I was born"

The Water Master lived at 9285 SW 2nd, at the corner of Alice Street and 2nd Ave.

Idealized image of the Water Master's House

This is where we paid our water bills. We did not have a central “City of Portland” water bureau that you sent your payment to. The Water Master was Jack Gronholm. When you look at the house, there was a door by the driveway. This is where his office was. We paid the bills there. We all knew our neighbors and it was where neighbors caught up with each other and what was going on in the community.

The Water Master operated out of the house until approximately 1968 or 1969. I cannot tell you when it started, because it was before I was born (1957). I do know that the Water Master’s house is an old farmhouse that was moved here in approximately (1955). My father built our home here in 1949 out of remnants of the Vanport Flood.

The Water Master's House Today

The Water Master's House Today

This is the Water Master's House as it is today.

The Water master was obviously connected to the water district and the Collins View water tank that is for sale as we write. [LINK]

Research Question: Did the Water Master have duties up at the tank, on Alice Street?

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