Ole Nilson Tweet

Yes, TWEET is a real name.

Here Lies Ole N. and Emma G. Tweet

I'd long noticed this TWEET headstone in what I thought was Greenwood Hills Cemetery, with "TWEET" on it.

OLE N. TWEET, 1855-1942 / EMMA G. TWEET 1861-1909 - Photo by J.Miller

Recently, I studied it more closely, and saw that it was for OLE N. TWEET, and his wife EMMA.

Then I realized that "OLE N" is an anagram for you know who! ELON. How apropos to post a blog article now, as Elon Musk just killed Twitter and thinks he's rebranding it as "X". Will TWEETs die too? It could be worse! Just kidding. — J Miller

The TWEET gravestone is just north of the 'Back Loop' in Greenwood Hills Cemetery.

Location of TWEET gravestone - Map based on OpenStreetMap.org

Ole was born in Norway, in 1856

Find-a-Grave photo of Ole Nilson Tweet added by Diane M Anderson

Ole Tweet was born about 1856 in Norway. Ole evidently immigrated at age 5, and lived in Wisconsin. He was a member of U.S. Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Ole married Emma Claudine Tollefson, born in Sept 30, 1861, Barre Mills, La Crosse County, Wisconsin.

Ancestry photo of Emma Tweet, source unknown.

It appears that Ole & family moved to Portland in 1905. Sadly, Emma died from cancer four years later in 1909, on, October 22, aged 48 years, making Ole a widower.

The Oregonian reported a 'gasoline stove' explosion causing a fire on July 6, 1910, which destroyed multiple buildings including one that Ole Tweet owned and evidently had a paint store in it. Mostly a loss. The report mentions automobiles, and a telephone call to the fire department. This was reportedly in the Montavilla neighborhood.

From the 1940 Census, Ole was 84 years old and lived in Portland, Oregon, with his son and grandson. It seems that Oli was being cared for by his son Wilbur. Some of the family lived at 2343 SE 52nd (See the house below).

Oli's death certificate listed his vocation as office clerk & bookkeeper.

Emma's death certificate lists "Housewife" as her occupation.


Ole and Emma had children Oscar, Mabel, Mabelle, Wilbur, and Osmond - all born in Wisconsin.

The first two, Oscar & Mabel, lived short lives. They did not live to come to Oregon. They are both buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Menomonie, Wisconsin. The others all outlived Ole and Emma.

Summary of Oli Tweet's Life

Where Ole Lived in Portland

Ole lived spent his final years living with his son in the Mt Tabor neighborhood.

2343 SE 52nd / Portland

This house was built in 1914.

Obviously Ole & family lived some other place(s) in the years after arriving in 1905. It would be possible to determine other addresses where Tweets lived by examining census records, etc.


A link appears with each reference, to the source.

Editor's Note

We think this gravestone is in the I.O.O.F. section of River View Cemetery. At some point, the IOOF was formed out of Greenwood Hills Cemetery (GHC) in 1880's. (?) In 1943, the I.O.O.F. plot was transferred to River View Cemetery. It's all very confusing, and beyond the scope of this article. Perhaps we will research and write an article about the boundary between RVC and GHC. Corrections, explanations, and clarifications are welcome!

As stated at the top, the grave marker was noted as interesting years ago, but the recent kerfuffle around Twitter bumped an article about TWEET to the top of our list.

Photos: TWEET gravestone by J Miller. Mt Tabor house from Google Street View. Evidently the photo of Ole came from Ancestry.com. Editor: J. Miller

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