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Please send neighborhood news scoops, comments, questions, or corrections to — Anyone can send an email message to The Scoop.

What is the Blog about?

The Blog has over a dozen categories for creative and informative blog posts (articles) about Collins View and nearby areas. Story-oriented histories on things (including PAST businesses) will go on the Blog, under History.

We hope people will submit material for us to work from, or even in more completed form. See our DRAFT [Editorial Guide] for blog posts.

Contacting a Category Editor

We have one email address for each category on the blog, defined as shown here:

Our email addresses are of this form. (image not click-able!)

Feel free to send email to any one of the 15 blog post categories:

We apologize for separating the email inbox names from the domain name in the above list. This protects the addresses from automated email address harvesting (for use by unscrupulous spammers).

Final note for those having read this far - If spammers harvest the 'scoop' address, we'll just stop using 'scoop', and come up with another clever address.