Here is a Public Notice that appeared in the Oregonian on January 18, 1914 on page 10.

1914 Public Notice of Kilpatrick-Collins Tract sales

The following is an edited transcription of this blurry text for your edification.



Within Past Month 15 Sales of Sites in West Side Subdivision Are Made to Homebuilders.

About 45 sales have been completed in the Kilpatrick-Collins tract, east of Northrop Acres and south of Carson Heights, during the last month. With five exceptions all the buyers intend to build at once.

  1. L. H. Jones purchased a lot for $325.
  2. G. L. Garver bought a lot for $325.
  3. Olla J. Cornelius bought two lots for $650.
  4. Mrs. O. Hardin purchased two lots for $650.
  5. Adam Mauwehler purchased a lot for $325.
  6. Frank Trutwine purchased a lot for $325.
  7. Joseph Kenna bought a lot for $325.
  8. W. J. Scott bought a lot for $325.
  9. Mrs. F. E. Garver purchased a lot for $325.
  10. W. W. Albertson has purchased two lots for $650.
  11. J. L. Garver has purchased a lot for $325.
  12. J. B. Johnson bought a tract for $2100.
  13. H. Flohr bought a lot for $325.
  14. T. S. Novak bought two lots for $650.
  15. Seymour H. Graham paid $1245 for a tract.
  16. O. A. Duncan purchased a lot for $325.
  17. R. H. Spencer purchased a lot for $495.
  18. S. A. Duncan purchased a lot for $325.
  19. Margaret Davidson bought a lot for $675.
  20. H. L. Harper purchased a lot for $325.
  21. W. A. Lange bought two lots for $650.
  22. R. R. Smith purchased three lots lor $975.
  23. Henry Achzig bought a lot for $325.
  24. Simon Nowak bought three lots for $975.
  25. W. L. Blechinger purchased a lot for $325.
  26. P. N. Dick bought two lots for $750.
  27. William Trutwine purchased a lot for $325.
  28. Clara Chadsey bought a lot for $325.
  29. J. W. Chadsey bought a lot for $325.
  30. W. A. Boyer purchased a lot for $325.
  31. A. A. S. Bahr purchased a lot for $325.
  32. R. H. O'Dell purchased a lot for $325.
  33. A. O. Hansen bought a lot for $325.
  34. A. C. Traverse purchased two lots for $650.
  35. A. Polier bought a lot for $325.
  36. Mrs W. M. Younger bought two lots for $650.
  37. Carl L. Swan bought a lot for $325.
  38. Mrs C. M. Taylor bought a lot for $325.
  39. E. Bailey bought a tract for $1425.
  40. H. E. Adams bought two lots for $650.
  41. E. W. Grier bought two lots for $650.
  42. Emma K. Little bought a tract for $1300.
  43. Alice E. Hardwick bought a lot for $325.

Noted in the above list: Mr. Mauwehler has already moved into his nearly completed bungalow on the property. Margaret Davidson has already started to build a home on the place.

S. D. Kilpatrick, of Nebraska, recently purchased this whole tract from Chester W. Collins. The tract has been on the market only a short time.

Comments on the above list

43 sales are listed -- "About 45" was stated, so that checks out.

$325 seems to be the going rate for a lot in this area at the time. Table below shows what people paid for 1, 2, and 3 Lots, plus larger Tracts. To save wordy repetition, one could just list the parties buying one, two or three lots, and the tracts.

1 Lot $325
2 Lots $650 or $750 or $675
3 Lots $975

Tracts (4 lots or more?)
$1245, $1300, $1425, $2100

#15, Seymour Graham could have purchased the lots 5 and 6 in Block 6. The property is located just across from the entrance to Greenwood Hills Cemetery. A big farmhouse was built there in ... and had the first indoor plumbing in the area. Tom & Doris Graham lived there in the 1970's.

You may send any corrections or information to history at NewCollinsView dot blog.

Map of the Kilpatrick-Collins Tract

Kilpatrick-Collins Tract Map (scanned from attachment to a deed, labels added.)

Comments on the above Map

MAPLE  is now Terwilliger
FIRST  is now Lobelia
SECOND is now Primrose
THIRD  is now Orchid
FOURTH is now Alice

MYRON is now SW 5th Ave
CEDAR is now SW 7th Ave
HALL  is now SW 8th Ave


Since MAPLE is now Terwilliger, Kilpatrick-Collins extends west of Terwilliger two blocks.

Northrop Acres is/was a tract or development west of the Kilpatrick-Collins Tract. That began just west of modern day SW 8th Ave.

Carson Heights was part of the Fulton Park development, and is known as South Burlingame today. Carson Heights extended south to Lobelia, as did the city limits of Portland, back in the day.

None of the lots in Block 2 or Block 1 were developed. Those lots became part of Beth Israel cemetery. (First Ave is now Lobelia, and Lobelia between 5th (Myron) and Boones Ferry remains an undeveloped right of way - the Lobelia Footpath.)


Many old maps had nice calligraphy. This wasn't typeset, but it was reproduced somehow, perhaps with blueprint technology.

Fancy Title on Large map of the Tracts, with Timestamp move under it.

This is from a large map of the same plat, with legal descriptions, signatures, etc, added. See References.

Multnomah County Clerk's office Time Stamp shows 11 AM.


Tract Maps

More will be Added / Filled in as Time permits! Help us out here...

Editor's Note

This notice was published exactly 110 years ago! (Blog article was published January 18, 2024)

There are similar maps for a Brugger-Ridge Tract, a Collins View Tract (bounded by Palatine Hill Road), and so on. (We have "lots" of info on the latter from C. Cummings.) We may do blog posts on each of those some day (year!). Other contributions welcome.

This newspaper notice was brought to our attention this month by a regular visitor/helper at the Multnomah County records office (DART).

The text was optically recognized by 'Preview' on MacOS, then edited to correct scanning errors.

Editor JM

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110 years ago today (Jan 18, 1914) a notice was published in the Oregonian about 45 sales made in the Kilpatrick-Collins Tract in 1914. Names were listed with the prices paid for the lots or group of lots. $325 was the going rate for a single lot at the time! This blog article has the text of the notice, and a map of the Tract that was associated with all the deeds in those sales. We hope that readers may be able to identify some of the names on the list, and which lots they purchased. (This is all discoverable in the county records, by doing a LOT of work.) Stories welcome!