HALLOWEEN 2022 during COVID-19 Pandemic

One of the mothers in our neighborhood put together what she called a Neighborhood Prowl for Halloween. The route was preplanned and included View Point Terrace, Palatine Hill Road to Corbett Lane, Corbett Lane and Brugger Street back to the starting point. All of us along the prowl were asked to set up a table at the end of the driveway in which we were to leave Halloween treats for the kids. The kids came by, family-by-family to Trick or Treat.

Some of the neighbors got quite creative. One gal used a fishing pole to hand out candy from the other side of her 3 ft hedge. Another used PCV pipe attached to the handrail for the steps leading to her front door and slid the candy down the chute. One put candy inside disposable gloves, added air (using a tire inflator!) and tied a knot. Some dressed up. Some carved pumpkins.

To summarize, it was a well-planned evening. They started at 6PM and they were done by 7PM. The weather was nice, the kids well behaved, and the parents felt safe. It was also genuinely nice for the neighbors not to have to jump up and down answering the door. We had about 20 Trick or Treaters – 10 more than usual. — Nancy Holmes

One of Masterfully Several Pumpkins Carved by a witch!
Typical Stop along the Prowl.. Halloween Table with Skeleton
Rubber Gloves are filled with candy. Button releases maniacal laughter

Collins View Halloween Prowl and Haunted Tent

The Second Annual Collins View Halloween Prowl and Haunted Tent was a screaming success. More than 60 tricksters laughed and screamed their way through the Haunted Tent (numbers are approximate because some tricksters went through multiple times) while their parents joined them or enjoyed the conversation gatherings outside.

More Scary Photos...

Various carved pumpkins on display...

Haunted Dog?
Some kind of castle maybe, with a bat flying over?
Beware of this Witch!
A ghoul?

Editor's Note

The blog post was adapted from an article written by M Read, published in Jan 2022 SW News.

Photo credits: J Miller, and Nancy Holmes. Editor J Miller.


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