Greenwood Hills Memorial Bench

(May 5, 2022) Greenwood Hills lost a beloved member of our community in November. Ken Mead was Treasurer of the Greenwood Hills Cemetery Maintenance Association for the last 10 years, and husband of 47 years to the Chairman of the Board, Hattie Mead. If you spend time in the cemetery, you have surely seen him walking with Hattie and their Shetland Sheepdogs, or dutifully collecting the garbage bags, raking leaves, sawing and stacking fallen branches, and innumerable other labors of love to keep this property functional and beautiful for us to all enjoy.

Ken Mead on fishing expedition

The Board is planning to install a memorial bench this year in honor of Ken and Hattie's legacy.

The granite bench is coming from Georgia. It will be will be set onto a cement slab overlooking the Pond. Lettering will be engraved after it is set in place. Look for it to show up later this year, 2022.

Granite bench design

The stone is Georgia Gray and the bench will have black lettering.

Georgia Gray swatch

Here's the bench!

The cement slab was poured December, 2022. Bench was installed January, 2023.

Photo to be updated summer 2023.

The cement slab was poured December, 2022. Bench was installed January, 2023.

Looking forward to landscaping of the ground around the bench this Spring.


Cemetery friends raised enough money to pay for the bench. However, general donations can always be put to work!

If you enjoy walking in Greenwood Hills Cemetery, please consider donating to the Maintenance Association (GHCMA).

  1. A check may be made out to GHCMA with "Maintenance Fund" in the memo line, and mailed to:
    PO BOX 80701
    Portland, OR 97280
  2. A donation may be made directly via this link: [PayPal]. Enter an amount, and click on Donate with PayPal (you can also use a debit/credit card). On the Next screen, fill in the donation is for 'Maintenance Fund'. Thank You.

Bless the Meads and their Shelties!


Text of this blog post was taken from the Spring 2022 Greenwood Hills Maintenance Association newsletter, In Memoriam: Ken Mead (1944 - 2021).

Greenwood Hills Cemetery website [LINK]

Kenneth Eugene Mead Obituary on Oregonian [LINK]

Cemeteries page on Collins View, The Place website: [LINK]

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