John Miller's Testimony at City Council

Wednesday, 3 March 1993

I am John Miller. I live at 8959 SW BFR with my wife and 3-year-old son. I am the current chair of Collins View Neighborhood Association, or "CVNA". I will give my view of how this issue has unfolded.

Traffic on BFR was a hot topic at many CVNA meetings. We met with traffic engineers and police captains. In desperation, we petitioned the city to put up a stop sign at Primrose and BFR. The letter dated August 12, 1987, is your Exhibit #1. in which a traffic engineer explains the inappropriateness of our proposed STOP sign. The traffic engineer was right, you can't put up a STOP sign to solve a problem of this magnitude.

We felt powerless to do anything. Nice people moved away. This was a turning point. As chair of CVNA, I resolved that we would work within the system, and for us at the time, that was the Neighborhood Needs Program.

While we were waiting for our NEIGHBORHOOD NEED to be accepted by a bureau, we analyzed and brainstormed. [Ever hear of Burma Shave?]

During this same time, we became aware that the speeding problem on 2nd Avenue was another piece of our same problem. People began to cooperate throughout the neighborhood. In Exhibit #2, we developed a map for for our reference in meetings, and to cross-reference with Exhibit #3, where we gathered and compiled traffic patterns over a period of a year or two.

We were supported by more radar patrols. We conducted several Speed Watches. From the license numbers of the speeders we saw the bigger picture — LO & LG commuters were cutting through our neighborhood. Bounded by a city park, a state park, a cemetery, a college, and only one other neighborhood (South Burlingame), we are a relatively small neighborhood with a large flow of through traffic from adjoining towns rather than adjoining neighborhoods.

Once the NTMP began, my role changed from Chair of CVNA to a that of a committee member. Most of the balance of my testimony will be from that viewpoint.

Exhibit #4 is a compelling letter from a committee member. Kirkie Doblie. There were at least five such members who live completely outside the ballot/test area, from Maplecrest, 4th Avenue. College Friends, Ridge Drive and Collins Street. [on the importance of having this geographic spread.]

Exhibit #5 is a letter from Mr Lee Rogers manager of Riverview Cemetery. stating that they have no problem with our project.

My final exhibit is a live one. Ernie Maruska is a committee member who has lived on BFR for over 47 of the 145 years of the BFR. It has gone from "boondocks and blackberries" to a raceway in his time. If he weren't so shy, he'd tell you what a positive change this project has made.

What do I know? Before Terwilliger was built, the head of Boone's Ferry was unambiguous. But Terwilliger Blvd overlaid part of BFR for two blocks. isolating the original head segment. The old signposts at the fork in the road fell into disrepair and the road became an enigma — users did not know the name of the road, but it was a great shortcut. In conclusion, you will not be destroying our neighborhood by approving this project, you will be saving it. As a city, we need to do more of this kind of thing, creating safe havens - not just for the children of Collins View, but for the children of our entire area.

I commend Donna Green & Kevin Hottmann, The Two who came at our request to help solve this very hard problem. This has been a very empowering experience for the neighborhood. Please take a stand — make some history for us today.

Thank you. Commissioners and Mayor Katz.